Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Lighting Solutions for High Ceilings

Rooms with high sloped ceilings can often be a challenge to light. If done thoughtfully, they can end up being the most beautiful room in the home. Layering task, accent, task and ambient light creates a welcoming and cohesive space. 

In this home we started with the linear LED strip lighting, mounted on top of the beams which are running parallel to the apex skylight. The skylight brings in beautiful light during the day but at night it is a dark slot. Adding the indirect light on the sides helps this become a visually positive space at night. Along the perimeter walls a valence was fabricated to house the curtains and hide a run of uplighting to provide additional fill light and show off the beautiful wood ceiling.

Six recessed adjustable low-voltage fixtures were added to illuminate the coffee table and  the stone fireplace facade.

A wonderful over-sized lantern was selected to help create a human scale for the space and help give the illusion of providing the room's light, even though it only uses four 25 watt flame tip bulbs.

Pharmacy lamps provide reading light at either end of the two sofas.

lighting designer: Randall Whitehead
architect: Wm. David Martin
interior designer: Susan Schipmann
contractor: Brian Groza

In this very modern home, the ceiling in the living room was 16 feet high. What we designed was a series of floating panels that dropped 2 feet down from the ceiling, just below the clerestory windows.

Dimmable indirect lighting was installed on top of the panels to provide ambient light for the space, while creating a secondary ceiling line to help make the room feel more comfortable for people. 

Recessed fixtures, installed in the 16 foot ceiling, provide accent lighting for art and tabletops. A pair of fantastic Ingo Mauer "Oh Mei Ma" pendant fixtures hover  weightlessly below the panels to add visual interest and to help humanize the scale of the room.. 

lighting designer: Randall Whitehead
architect: Blue Design Studios
interior designer: Sonja Knutsen
contractor: Greg Holt


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    1. Thank you for the positive feedback Ryan. This is a challenge I come across quite often and wanted to offer up some solutions that had worked for me.

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    1. Thank you for the information Jam. Although my blog is geared towards residential projects, I think that warehouses always face the challenge of how to light spaces with very tall ceilings. I was interested to see what Adattsi was offering in the way of high bay lighting.