Residential Lighting: A Practical Guide to Beautiful and Sustainable Design 
Written by internationally recognized lighting consultant Randall Whitehead, this popular easy-to-read lighting design guide offers a highly visual introduction to the fundamentals for illuminating the single-family home. Emphasizing the use of "light layering" he advocates using a combination of lighting sources to create a cohesive and versatile lighting system. The book offers advice on design tools and room-by-room lighting strategies. This Second Edition includes a new chapter on how to implement the use of energy efficient lighting design, including updated information on LED lamps, CFL's and daylightng. Also included are 32 pages of color plates demonstrating professional remodels of interior and exterior rooms; including contributions from interior designers, architects, landscape designers in collaboration with well integrated lighting design.

Residential Lighting: A Practical Guide
"Author Randall Whitehead proves that good lighting and green design go hand in hand. The book includes environmentally conscious tips on how to put together a well-designed lighting plan, room by room." (Home&Design, May/June 2009)

"Residential Lighting is a book that has certainly benefited from its second-edition treatment. Lighting technology-- particularly as it pertains to energy efficiency--has moved at a breakneck clip for most of the last decade, and Whitehead's astute pen chronicles these changes and offers a hint of sensible prognostication about what the future holds." (, February 25th, 2009)

Commercial Lighting: Creating Dynamic Work Spaces
Commercial Lighting presents a host of creative lighting designs for commercial spaces. Each section illustrates interesting and effective lighting designs for restaurants, offices, retail stores, and more. The designs showcased in these pages were created by the top lighting designers in the world-making this a terrific tool for interior designers and architects, as well as for business owners and design students. Includes detailed, full-color presentations of the best lighting designs for commercial spaces from internationally recognized designers.

--Brief captions describe each project, design, and the materials used.

--The categories covered include retail stores, restaurants, corporate offices, malls, medical offices and buildings, and small-business spaces.

--An invaluable reference for interior designers, architects, and business owners.

Lost Dolls: The Hidden Lives of Toys
Randall Whitehead likes to play with dolls. I m serious: The man is so enamored of dolls that he s written a book about them. Available this month, Lost Dolls: The Hidden Lives of Toys presents photographs Whitehead has taken of discarded, oddly modified and loved-to-the-stuffing dolls that have captured his eye at flea markets, yard sales and street bazaars all over the world. He says the dolls called to him, demanding their tales be told. It's really fascinating stuff. But it s not quite what you d expect from a man famed for his expertise in the realm of residential lighting. His previous books, packed seminar slate, consulting gigs, monthly Last Word in Lighting columns for Residential Lighting and myriad turns as the spokesman for our industry all stem from his status as lighting guru. Who knew that there was shut your mouth! more to his life than lighting. Yet, if you ve been to any of his speaking engagements or read any of his works, you d have suspected he had other tricks up his sleeves. His sardonic wit absolutely bleeds through, making some rather technical topics not just more palatable, but actually compelling and entertaining. He brings his individuality to the world of illumination with captivating results. We all have something unique to bring to the table, but we re often too caught up in the business of things or shyly prefer to keep personal passions to ourselves because we can t imagine what they would have to do with lighting. But fresh perspectives and attitudes and outside influences can spark the most unexpectedly clever and creative inspiration. --Chandra Palermo, Residential Lighting Magazine

Lighting Design Sourcebook
An illustrated sourcebook for professional designers providing ideas and inspiration for lighting design concepts for residential and commercial spaces, including offices, stores and restaurants. Over 600 examples of lighting solutions are used accompanied by captions discussing the design concept and the materials used, and schematics are provided to offer insight into a range of lighting techniques.

The Art of Outdoor Lighting
The Art of Outdoor Lighting reveals the essentials on how outdoor lighting adds drama, sophistication, and depth to residential landscape. With over 250 full color photographs spotlighting how exterior lighting enhances a wide range of spaces, from roof decks to pool areas, garden rooms to patios, exterior stairs to entrances including how to make the most of moonlight and why certain lights are best for appearance and safety. Includes an entire section on lighting techniques for outdoor rooms for living and entertaining under the stars.


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